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The most central and interactive of the gateway sites, the Canal Street Triangle is one of seven key portals into Chinatown identified through collaborative public engagement led by the Chinatown Partnership over the last decade. Each has its own physical characteristics and uses, and is influenced by the communities it joins and populations it brings into Chinatown. Together, these seven gateways make up an important network of public spaces, transportation connections, and thresholds between neighborhoods. In parallel with the design and implementation process for the Canal Street Triangle’s transformation, NYC DOT will develop temporary installations to activate the other locations.

Below are resources compiled by the New York City Department of Transportation—including a map of the gateway sites, a base plan for the Canal Street Triangle, and images of the seven gateway sites and neighborhoods—to help teams get to know the site and larger network, and for use in their submissions to the Request for Proposals. The base plan file may be used in the plan view requested in the application materials.

Request for Proposals and Addenda

Gateways to Chinatown Request for Proposals (PDF)
Addendum #1: Pre-Proposal Conference Script and Presentation (PDF)
Addendum #2: Proposal Due Date Extension (PDF)
Addendum #3: Written Questions and Answers (PDF)


Gateways Map and Base Plan

Gateways Map (JPG)
Canal Street Triangle Base Plan (PDF)
Canal Street Triangle Base Plan (AutoCAD)



* This AutoCAD file is supplied as a matter of courtesy and serves solely as an informational base plan upon which proposals may be developed. This file does not include a professional surveyor’s/engineer’s stamp and only drawings with such stamp are to be considered as true and final. The New York City Department of Transportation (NYC DOT) is not responsible for edited or reproduced versions of this data; any reuse of the data for purposes other than responding to this Request for Proposals will be at the user’s sole risk without liability or legal exposure to NYC DOT.


Chinatown Studies and Plans

Below are a sampling of resources that preceded and helped inform the Gateways to Chinatown framework and Request for Proposals, included here for convenience. DOT is providing the City Tech student design studio book as background on the ongoing effort, not to indicate preference in any of the design concepts or typologies explored. The full 1976 “Chinatown Street Revitalization” study can be found in the New York University library system; the notes and highlights in the document provided below were not made by DOT, and are not meant to convey particular information related to the RFP.

City Tech Gateways to Chinatown Urban Design Studio, 2013 (PDF)
America’s Chinatown: A Community Plan, 2004
Chinatown Access and Circulation Study, 2004
Chinatown Street Revitalization, 1976


Canal Street Triangle

Grand Street at Chrystie Street

Manhattan Bridge Landing and Colonnade

Worth Street at Centre Street

Kimlau Square

Division Street under Manhattan Bridge

Pearl Street under Brooklyn Bridge


Little Italy